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Okay, to answer the question "What magazine would you like to be on the cover of?" I would have to say Writers Digest. It's a periodical for both professional and would-be writers that is over 80 years old and loaded with author interviews and advice on how to improve your writing and how to get published.
Easily create posts anywhere on the web by adding this <a href="javascript:var%20l="[",im=document.images;for(var%20i=0;i<im.length;i++)if(im[i].width>50%20&&%20im[i].height>50){if(l!="[")l+=",";l+="{\"s\":\""+im[i].src+"\",\"h\":"+im[i].height+",\"w\":"+im[i].width+"}";}l+="]";var%20u="http://www.onsugar.com/bookmark?l="+encodeURIComponent(l)+"&u="+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href)+"&t="+encodeURIComponent(document.title);window.open(u,"bookmarker","toolbar=0,resizable=0,status=1,width=440,height=520");void(0);">OnSugar Bookmark</a> link to your browser. Drag the link above into the bookmark toolbar, or right-click to add the link to your favorites/bookmarks. Once it's installed, just click on it to blog from anywhere!

What is the OnSugar Bookmark Tool?
The bookmark tool is an easy way for you to create posts from any website. If you see something you want share with your friends, or suddenly have a great idea for a post, just click the bookmark link. It will even pull in the photos for easy sharing.

How do I install the bookmark tool?
To install the bookmark tool, drag the link above straight to your browser's bookmark bar (you'll have to make sure your browser is set to show the bookmark bar first). Alternatively, right-click on the link above and select “Bookmark this link.” This will put the bookmark tool into your browser's bookmarks.

How do I use the bookmark tool?
Once the bookmark tool is installed in your browser, click the button (or go to the bookmark) when you want to blog about something. Just fill out the form, pick the photo, and click Save Post.

What kind of post does it create?
The bookmark tool creates a link type post.

Can I tag or categorize posts I make with the bookmark tool?
When filling out the form, you can give your new post both tags and categories. Be sure to separate each tag or category with commas.

Why aren’t images showing up in the bookmark tool?
Some websites pull images in a special way that will not allow our bookmark tool to pull them in. They do this for many reasons including copyright, load time, etc. If there are no images, you may need to do the post the old-fashioned way.

Do I have to include an image?
No, you do not need to include an image. To exclude the image, simply check the "Don't include photo" link.

If I have more than one blog, which one will it post to?
Before you click Save Post, you will have the opportunity to choose which blog you want to publish to in the drop down menu. Select the right one and then click Save Post.


Has anyone noticed the cultural shift to turn everything into entertainment? One used to have to seek out entertainment, now we seem to be constantly bombarded with it. News is no longer a matter of reporting factual events without bias. It's become mud slinging and speculation, celebrity gossip and political propaganda. Actual newspapers are slipping out of existence, replaced with internet fluff pieces equivalent to People magazine. Book stores are closing and literary journals are going out of publication, but now you can watch a major motion picture on your cellphone.

My favorite neighborhood fast food restaurant even replaced their normal menu boards with TV screens that have changing images and advertizements. Evidentally, we need to be entertained even while ordering lunch now. Oh, and iPhones now have toddler proof versions that essentially look like teddy bears and teething rings. So now a whole new generation can literally go from cradle to grave with a cell phone in their hands at all times. Soon there'll be no need for libraries, school teachers or an evening out with friends. It's all in the palm of your hand. The next generation may never leave their homes.